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Find a way to yourself 

Magdalena Pawlowski therapist and coach 

Magda Pawlowski

Certified Coach

      I am a therapist-coach, and if necessary I combine these two techniques - for better results with my clients. I can say that my life experience has led me to work mainly with women, although there are also some men. However, helping women brings me the greatest pleasure. Watching them wake up to life again and cope with the obstacles that life throws at them is priceless to me. In addition, I am a mother of three sons, two of whom are already teenagers on the autism spectrum. My involvement in their upbringing, not only at home but also at school, allows me to share my knowledge with other parents and teachers to raise awareness.  I have started a new life more than once and am no stranger to overcoming obstacles. I definitely have the energy for it and I am able to transfer it to my clients. - Today I have two mottos: 1. it doesn't matter if it's fast or slow, I just want to get through. Fear is not to stop us, but to prepare us. 

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What I Specialize In

Coaching 1:1

If you're thinking of a change in your life, I'll help you make it happen

Women in crisis who want to transform their lives

support for women during divorce - we are starting to plan  a new life - you will see that your life is just beginning

Training - for teachers - how to work with an autistic child
Training for parents - how to improve relations with a child - teenager

Outplacement - career path development -

I will help you unlock all of your potentials and show you how to use all of your skills to make your next job bring satisfaction at every level.

Dina G

“Magda was the first person, who took me seriously and it changed something in me on a very deep level, as if I suddenly became visible for myself and others. And then magic things started to happen - a new job offer, a proposal of moving to a different country. And even kids started to go to bed without my help. I recommend Magda to everybody, who is confused, mixed up, needs support and warm understanding. Magda's wholeheartedness melts the coldness of the reality and nice things begin to blossom."

Mario Z 

"Magda is an exceptional life coach with a deep understanding of human psychology. Her empathetic approach and personalized guidance have enabled me to overcome personal obstacles and develop a more positive mindset. Through her help, I have set clear goals and made significant progress towards achieving them. I highly recommend Magdalena to anyone seeking transformative self-improvement.."

Yana G

“Magda is a very talented life-coach, would 100% recommend to everyone going through tough challenges and who wants to find strength within themselves.
A life-changing experience!.”
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